For sale - Historical building suitable for many activities Busteni, Prahova county
The property offered for sale has a long, impressive history. Located in the beautiful resort town of Busteni, at the foot of the Caraiman Massif, the property benefits from (ID: eRGT39779)
Regal Hotel Campulung Muscel area, Arges county
2,500,000 61.29 1,145.33
Cosy and beautiful guesthouse for sale Timisoara area, Timis county
Antique collection:Collection of about 100 hours at the receptionCollection of old musical objectsOld furniturepaintingsArrangements / Finishes:Own thermal power plant;Solid wood flooring;Ceramic tiles, marble;Very good quality finishes;Air conditioning; (ID: eRGT39659)
Investment opportunity - Building suitable for many activities Aviatorilor area, Bucharest
The building is situated in the Northern side of the city, very close to Aviatorilor Statue, Charles de Gaulle Square and Aviatorilor Boulevard, at only a few minutes (ID: eRGT39641)
3,500,000 85.81 1,603.47
Investment opportunity - 8 apartments for sale Aviatiei area, Bucharest
Legendary property for sale - Mociornita Palace - Predeal, Brasov county
Born on August 5, 1885 in a family of peasants from Ţintea locality in Prahova county, Dumitru Mociorniță, had a path worthy of the script of a classic (ID: eRGT39599)
890,000 21.82 407.74
Residential project for sale Herastrau Park area, Bucharest
The project is located in the most wanted area in Bucharest, right next to Herastrau Park which is a green area of special beauty. In addition to the (ID: eRGT39598)
Recording studio with 4.912 sqm land plot for sale Soseaua Oltenitei, Bucharest
Building 1: unfolded area 1,208 sqm: offices, sound studio, editing and post-production offices, film and TV production set, storage annexes, ridge height 7.8 mLand 1: 2,560.96 sqm Building 2: (ID: eRGT39565)
3,500,000 85.81 1,603.47
"Casa Hrisicos" - hotel for sale, Constanta
Casa Hrisicos, a building located in Traian Street no. 1, at the entrance to Ovidiu Square, was built in 1900, the builder being the wine merchant and the (ID: eRGT39564)
Building for sale Faleza Port area - Galati, Galati county 3.346 sqm
The property is located in the Galati Port area with a very beautiful opening and view of the Danube Cliff. The access to the property is very easy (ID: eRGT39230)
2,140,000 52.47 980.41
Property for sale - buildings and land plot for sale Voluntari area, Ilfov county 3.159 sqm
The property offered for sale is situated in Voluntari area, in an area with easy access to Otopeni Airport and the commercial area Baneasa and to the center (ID: eRGT39180)
1,100,000 26.97 503.95
Guest House for sale 12 room Sulina - Crisan - Delta Dunarii, Tulcea county
The property offered for sale is located in the Danube Delta area, one of the most picturesque places in the area. Access to the property is only by boat, (ID: eRGT39097)
790,000 19.37 361.93
Investment opportunity - Hotel for sale Ploiesti area, Prahova county
Ploiesti is an important connection regarding the transport on the railway, being located on the ways which connects the capital with Transylvania and Moldavia.Ploiesti City is also known (ID: eRGT38914)
Special property for sale Anina area, Caras - Severin county
Somewhere in Romania`s heart within Anina - Steierdorf, in Caras - Severin county, at 100 km distance from Baile Herculane and 30 km distance both from Oravita or (ID: eRGT38832)
820,000 20.10 375.67
Building for sale Dacia - Mihai Eminescu area, Bucharest
Building offered for sale has an excellent location in Dacia area, close to many restaurants, office building, embassies, and with easy access to all means of transportation.Facilities:- own (ID: eRGT37666)
2,800,000 68.65 1,282.77
Investment oportunity, Bragadiru Palace, Bucharest
Bragadiru Palace and the surrounding area are located in the historical area of Bucharest, near the Queen Maria Square and the Parliament Palace, the Metropolitan Church and Unirii (ID: eRGT37389)
Special property for sale - building with functional golf club - Northern area, Bucharest
Special property for sale – Building with functional Golf Club.The property is situated at 30 km distance from Bucharest, in Northern side and consists in: Land plot: 100.000 sqmBuilding (ID: eRGT37043)
2,700,000 66.20 1,236.96
Land plot with buildings for sale Pucioasa, Dambovita county 86.400 sqm
The property offered for sale is situated in Pucioasa, at 21 km distance from Targoviste, benefiting of access to DN72A. There is an approved project for an Expres (ID: eRGT37869)
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