Amazing heritage villa for rent Icoanei Garden Park, Bucharest


Icoanei Garden
Built surface
900 sqm
Land Surface
933 sqm
Garden Surface
650 sqm
No. of Rooms
No. of Bathrooms
Construction year
No. of Balconies


Patrimonium villa from “Parcelarea Ioanid” with unique location based on Brancovenesc style by famous Petre Antonescu architect that made also Arcul de Triumf.

14 rooms (salons, living rooms, studios)

13 technical rooms (kitchens, laundries, dryers, dressing rooms, warehouses, etc.)

6 bathrooms

4 terraces and balconies

Habitable attic, with two separate entrances

Garage with drivers’ room

5 entrances to the building

3 entrances to the yard: 2 main monumental gates with circular access for cars, direct entrance to the park

Large yard/garden.

The villa has four terraces and balconies, on the upper ground floor and on the first floor, with views in three directions: to the park, to Cantacuzino Square and Grădina Icoanei park and to Polonă street. 

In Bucharest, one of the most interesting and successful urban operations made by the City Hall at the beginning of the 20th century, preserved in very good conditions until today, is Ioanid Allotment. This is a unitary residential subdivision, consisting of 25 villas surrounding a public park.

Based on several Western models, which have in common the same concept of residential parcelling around a green space, it produced rumors in the Capital, being an absolute novelty for the Romanian urbanism of that time.

Located in Bucharest, in the immediate vicinity of Ioanid Park and Icoanei Garden Park, villa (originally called Casa Ciru Iliescu) is an emblematic building for the (neo) Romanian style with four access gates, five entrances to the house, dozens of outbuildings and technical rooms. 

Creation of the architect Petre Antonescu, the building is distinguished by the elegance and refinement of asymmetrical volumes and the vertical accent of the gazebo on the main facade, and trilobate or semicircular archery loggias are reminiscent of popular lanes and houses.

Built in the early twentieth century, the building still preserves the discreet and artistocratic charm of that era. 

The inner decoration takes over some neo-Romanian elements and harmoniously integrates them into eclectic compositions. Rooms with wooden ornaments, paneling and elaborate stucco and woven girdle pattern, which is found ( as a unifying element ) throughout the house, they manage to give the interior space a distinguished and friendly air at the same time.


Total land area: 933 sqm  (POT: 36%, CUT: 1.16 ADC/MP)

Free yard: 650 sqm

Ground floor: 267 sqm usable

First floor: 204 sqm usable

Semi-basement:  96 sqm usable

Basement: 12 sqm usable

Attic: 244 sqm usable

Garage & driver’s room: 34 sqm usable

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